Tuna Wins

Success!  We tried our new meal plan for the first time today and made Greek-Style Tuna on Pita.  It was really good.  The kid, who usually even if she likes the food doesn’t eat that much, loved it and had two servings.

Greek-Style Tuna

I was very excited about supper tonight and am very glad that it went well.  It was easy, fast, and tasted good when it was finished.  Everything that I ask for in a meal.

We will see what happens tomorrow.  Fingers crossed it goes just as well.

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Second Step to Healthier Started Today…Kinda

Our next step to a healthier lifestyle kinda started today.  For a while now I have subscribed to emeals.com.  I read about it on a blog I read regularly and it sounded perfect for someone with no cooking experience who wanted to save some money.  After looking at all the options I finally settled on the classic plan.

We made one meal.  It was an amazing meal.  It tasted awesome.  But the next night we had something late into the evening and ate out.  Then I caught a stomach virus and was sick for two days.  Everything sounded horrible.  So I have been saving all the plans they email me but we have never made any of them.

After my experience with the hamburger meat and my epiphany that I had to change up what we ate, I went back in and looked at all their meal plans.  (In case you haven’t at least checked them out the website is awesome!  Go do it right now!)  Then I had the kid look at all of them to see which ones she would eat.  She narrowed it down to Mediterranean or natural and organic.  I went back in and looked at those sample meals again and decided that I thought the Mediterranean looked the best.

So today I switched plans, printed off my list, and we hit the store.  I spent more than last time but I am hoping it was mostly because what other people consider staples in their pantry I have never purchased before.  I am actually a little excited to try these foods.  They are based on the Mediteranean diet which I have wanted to try.  I thought about going Paleo at one time but I enjoy dairy and even though I don’t eat what I would consider a lot of carbs, I would rather have real noodles than noodles made out of some veggie.

So, tomorrow we will try our first meal and see how it goes.

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Wow Groceries Are Getting Expensive

First off I have to say that on average I probably don’t spend as much on groceries as the average family.  We are a small family that doesn’t require a lot of food.  But that doesn’t mean that when I am standing in front of the hamburger meat trying to decide what to buy that I am not hugely shocked at the price.

So I am standing in front of the hamburger meat for about 5 minutes trying to decide whether I believe that 80% lean is worth the extra dollar over the 73% lean and seriously considering becoming a vegetarian.  (I did notice that the ground turkey was a dollar less, but I wasn’t going there.  My personal opinion is that turkey belongs on a sandwich or with dressing, not in my hamburger helper.)

As I am standing there I realize that I have to buy the hamburger meat no matter how much it cost because I literally have no idea how to cook anything else.  If I really did go extreme and become a vegetarian I would have to pretty much eat raw fruits and vegetables because I don’t know how to cook anything that healthy.  And if I am totally honest spaghetti made out of squash (if that is even the right veggie) just doesn’t sound very appealing to me.

So I made the financial decision (even though I feel like it was kinda made for me) that before I have to buy meat again I am going to have to rethink my cooking and learn how to make things that don’t require it so that maybe we can afford to eat.

In case you wanted to know, I finally did decide to go with the 80% lean just because it leaves less grease for me to clean out of my pan.

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Shop With Kids or Without Kids???

I realized today why my kid does not ever want to go to the store with me.

I am always reading that to save money grocery shopping leave the kids at home.  And that should be true.  Mom can I have this, can I have that, oooohhhh that looks so cool can I please have that.  So you leave the kids at home, buy only what is on the list, and save money right?  The budgeters say RIGHT!!

I realized today that for me it is wrong.  I have no problem telling my kid no.  No I am not buying you the 6 ounces of sugar water masquerading as juice for $5 just because the bottle looks awesome.  No you do not need to have chocolate cereal.  I am one of the most unhealthy people I know and even I draw the line at chocolate or cookie cereal.

Today I went to Wal-Mart alone.  I was buying all non-food items that I forgot at the grocery store and was planning on spending the last bit of my Christmas money on some cookware I have been eyeing for months.  On the same aisle as my contact solution was all this kid makeup type stuff.  I saw that and thought about how excited the kid would be for me to come home with nail art and fingernail polish.  So I bought it.  I won’t say I wasted money because it will get used and it will be enjoyed.  But it was an unnecessary expense that if the kid would have been with me I would have said no to.

So apparently for me, going to the store without the kid is just as bad as going grocery shopping when I am hungry.  I will buy things that I would normally say no to.

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First Day of the Year!

Instead of having a resolution to be more organized I spent most of the last few days trying to organize the house to be ready for my resolutions.  I am not done.  I did get one of my huge tasks on my to-do list done.  I cleaned off my desk.  This was a large task that took several hours.

When something comes into the house that needs to be filed it gets placed on the desk.  Since this isn’t an urgent to-do I decide to do it later and next thing I know the desk is piled high with papers.  I took everything off the desk and placed it in the floor.  I may be able to ignore the desk but I cannot ignore the living room floor.  This guaranteed that I got everything done.  I went through each paper and placed it into the pile it belong then took care of each pile.  So the desk is cleaned off and waiting for a new years worth of crap to be piled on it.

I still have a few projects to finish.  Closets are ready for the new year.  Finances are ready for the new year.  The desk is ready for the new year.  I am ready to face the new year head on!  Anything can happen.

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